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Quotas – why they are good for men – Brisbane

November 1, 2017


Join us in for an event in Brisbane for what will be a complex discussion around gender quotas.

Date will be published soon.

The topic of gender quotas tends to be divisive; people are either for or against, with very few sitting on the fence. While gender quotas are unlikely to be the whole answer to gender inequality in Australia, there is robust evidence that quotas may offer us a mechanism to provide a level playing field for both men and women in all aspects of political, organisational and community life.

Why is this important? Because gender diversity is linked with a wide range of organisational and societal benefits; from enhancing organisational outcomes, to engaging talent, and better public policy development. While quotas are often perceived as being good for women whilst taking away something from men, there is an increasing recognition that better gender diversity may in fact be good for men too. Men want better work-life balance, a deeper connection with their families, a better future for their daughters and a rethink of what it means to be a man.

Previous research from The 100% Project has shown that people who oppose gender quotas are more likely to believe that the current system is fair and that in Australia people are paid and promoted based on merit. However, an increasing body of research is questioning the ‘myth of meritocracy’ and points to the negative effects of this myth for both women and men. The 100% Project set out to investigate why the meritocracy myth is so entrenched and so difficult to address.

Our research found that people who have a stronger preference for a hierarchical society are more likely to perceive the current system as meritorious, and are more likely to have a negative attitude towards gender quotas.

To discuss what this means, come and join us as we officially launch our research findings and discuss their implications for Australia as a whole, men as well as women. Understanding the barriers to acceptance of policies such as gender quotas will ensure the most effective implementation of such interventions to disrupt the systematic and damaging inequity that exists for women in senior leadership positions in Australia today, and the negative effect this has on men.

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November 1, 2017
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