Without our volunteers, The 100% Project would not be able to exist!

Our volunteers come from many different organisations and backgrounds, but the common link is that all these talented people are committed to addressing the issue of gender diversity in leadership in Australia. Volunteers are involved in all our projects and activities, and we thank them all for their commitment, hard work and passion to make a difference.

We are always in need of help and support. We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Content Writers (newsletter, blog and social media)
  • Fundraising, Marketing & Communications (e.g. event coordination, design of campaigns, brochures, communications, meeting with corporate partners, etc.)
  • Finance, Audit, Risk & Operations (e.g. database administration, volunteer management, information technology, office systems and processes)
  • Research (e.g. desktop research, survey design, interviewing, conduct focus groups, data analysis, report writing)
  • Practice (e.g. workshop design, developing presentations)

Some roles will be on-going and others will be project based.

If you are interested in volunteering at The 100% Project in other ways, this is what you need to do:
  1. Download the updated FAQ information and read it.
  2. Familiarise yourself with our Vision, Mission and Values.
  3. Once you have read the FAQs, you know you share our Vision, Mission and Values, and you can commit the time, then download the personal profile/registration form.
Fill this in carefully and return to:
Susan Relf ‎
The 100% Project
T: 0478 144 203
E: susan.relf@the100percentproject.com.au
 It is really important this process is followed. We genuinely value the support of volunteers, and want to ensure the best outcome for all involved. By reading the FAQ information before filling in your personal profile/registration form, you will help us achieve these outcomes.
 If you are interested in volunteering, but you have some further questions or you want to discuss the opportunities available, please call us on0478 144 203 or email Susan Relf at susan.relf@the100percentproject.com.au