Our Vision
To see 100% of Australia’s leadership talent, female and male,  equally contributing to our social and economic future.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help Australian leaders fully realise the leadership potential of both women and men. We will help business leaders to challenge and change the practices and systems that impede gender equity by providing practical and leading edge support, resources and advice.

 Our Guiding Beliefs

  • To actively encourage and engage men in the call for change to ensure women achieve their fair share of leadership roles in Australian organisations and society.
  • To conduct research and collate the research of others, and thereby be a catalyst for change through raising awareness of gender imbalance in the workplace.
  • To influence workplace cultures and provide solutions for real and sustainable change by educating senior business leaders on the value of gender equity in leadership.
Our Values

These are the values which support our future planning, our goal-setting and decision making activities. They reflect how we operate internally and with our partners.


We respect people for who they are, their knowledge, skills and experience.


We are courageous and challenge the diversity norm. Being courageous means stepping out of our comfort zone and making hard decisions.


We are accountable, honest and engage fully to achieve our vision.


We strive for sustainability – as an organisation – and as a contributor in a social and economic society where men and women will realise their full potential equally.