As a natural extension of forums and debates, we create networks and connections for women to engage with other women from whom they can obtain advice, support and assistance in progressing their careers and overcoming some of the obstacles associated with career progression.

But these networks are not just for women. For men these networks are equally important, since the difficulties experienced by women to get true representation at the highest levels of corporate leadership affects the choices open to men as well.

Surveys have shown that many men would like to spend more time at home, spend more time on parenting, and be more involved with community initiatives. However, it can be very difficult for to men to raise such issues in the workplace as this can be very career limiting. Research shows us that men often feel pressured to remain silent, or risk being type cast as a non-team player. In other words, speaking up can be dangerous for men, and so whilst most executives would welcome a change of culture, male executives feel constrained in their ability to raise concerns.

We believe that women and men need to generate change together, creating networks and connections to address the important issue of gender imbalance in Australian workplaces.

In addition, we want to establish a network of like-minded organisations and partners.

If you are personally interested in participating in these networks, or you think we need to talk to your organisation about partnership, please contact us.