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Beyond The Spin

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1 Our vision is to see 100% of Australia’s leadership potential, female and male, equally contributing to our social and economic future.

2 We actively encourage and engage men in the call for change to ensure women achieve their fair share of leadership roles in Australian organisations and society.

3 We conduct research and collate the research of others, and thereby be a catalyst for change through raising awareness of gender imbalance in the workplace.

4 We influence workplace cultures and provide solutions for real and sustainable change by educating senior business leaders on the value of gender equity in leadership.

We encourage you to become one of our Champions, to keep up to date with the issues and to help us demonstrate that Australians want equality in leadership opportunities.

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There is a lot of work to do and all donations, large or small, are put directly to use delivering our Mission.

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Nov 2016

How to make diversity happen: On attending #HeSaidSheSaid16

If you’ve landed on this article, then there is a good chance that you’re interested in improving diversity and representation at your organisation. You might feel passionately about the cause, recognise the benefits, and are raring to see more people like you up the ranks. Yet, we’re still finding that the upper echelons of the professional world are still heavily skewed; the C-suites make up of mainly men. Read more in our blog Beyond the Spin.


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