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The 100% Project periodically releases their research in conjunction with the participating higher education institution and the research candidates.

Our recent research topics are below, including the white paper of our most recent research. 

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Leadership Styles and Gender Imbalance, 2019

Caroline Rosenberg, Deakin University & Frances Feenstra, People Measures

“This latest work from the 100% project brings good news for those who are working hard to create fair, equal and vibrantly successful organisations in Australia. It has taken a next, sturdy and exciting step towards identifying the conditions already in place in some Australian organisations…”

Gender Quotas, 2017

Why is the myth of meritocracy so sticky?

Kat Stevenson, Deakin University & Frances Feenstra, People Measures

“Mentioning the word ‘quota’ in any context is likely to elicit an emotional response from both men and women. Usually for or against and less commonly with a willingness to explore the conversation and understand what sits behind the emotion. That is why research like this and the discussion that it promotes, is so important…”


Leadership Quotas, 2015

Can we talk about them yet?

Bonnie Richards, Deakin University & Frances Feenstra, People Measures

“The mere mention of gender quotas can trigger a strong reaction from many, particularly in the Australian business community where scepticism or hostility is the norm. But this lack of enthusiasm hasn’t encouraged an examination of legislated quotas and their impact on women in leadership, despite the mounting evidence of their effectiveness…”

Adaptive Leadership, 2015

An answer to gender imbalance in the workplace?

Chloe Kypuros, Deakin University & Frances Feenstra, People Measures

“With this research on the potential connections between adaptive leadership and gender equity in the workplace, the entire 100% Project research team has made a significant contribution to both fields,  building on their own work and the work of others in both domains…”