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Jane Hill


Jane has over 20 years’ experience across senior marketing, sales and HR roles in global publicly and privately listed organisations with a track record of optimising the creativity of people, culture and technology to deliver high levels of productivity, engagement and marketplace success.

Jane has operated multi-million-dollar P&Ls and built brands in Australia, the United States and New Zealand across the retail, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. She holds a Masters in Applied Science from The University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of NSW and a Graduate Diploma in Wine Business from The University of Adelaide. She is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Jane’s full-time role is People & Culture Director for Lion Australia, where, as part of her role, she helps develop and champion policies and practices that support equality. She is a long-time advocate for all forms of diversity and recognises the importance of psychological safety to ensure different perspectives are heard to get the best outcomes. Jane believes that a truly meritocratic workplace is one where gender equality exists.

Jane was appointed to The 100% Project Board in April 2020 and elected Co-Chair in May 2021.

David Turnbull


David is a former career diplomat with the UK Diplomatic service. His experience includes service with the British Merchant Navy, and government departments, including Defence, Trade and Investment, and Foreign Affairs. He served abroad in UK diplomatic missions in Europe, Middle East, Africa, United States (at the UN), and Australia, where he was Deputy Consul General and Director for Trade between the UK and Australia.

David has been an executive coach for 15 years and is a highly trusted advisor to many of his major clients. Taking the time to understand their organisation, issues, and needs translates into high-care support for the client and their employees. His clients and their employees also benefit from his calm and reliable presence during critical times of organisational change.

David studied Social Science and International Relations at Open University, International Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Business Management and Strategic Leadership at Ashridge Business School, UK.

David has always advocated fairness and equality, where people are treated without discrimination or bias and where equal opportunities and rights are available to everyone regardless of their race, gender, religion, or any other characteristic that may lead to discrimination.

Allan Ball


“A society that cherishes gender equality creates a strong tapestry of inclusivity, opportunity, and safety for women. The amount of violence and abuse directed towards women, especially workplace disrespect, is strongly related to the existence of social, economic, and cultural imbalances between genders. Women have not been present at decision-making tables and gender gaps exist in leadership positions.  Even if not meant or desired, as an Australian Bloke who benefits from gender disparity, I want to be a part of the solution. The time for crawling towards gender equality is over, put on your sneakers and sprint with me.”

Dr. Andrea North-Samardzic


“Everyone needs to work together to make gender equality a reality, not just an aspiration, because when there is greater equality across society, everyone benefits.  What drives me is using research and evidence to advocate for gender equality, and importantly, move from talk to action.  Being able to contribute to The 100% Project means being able to live my personal and professional values.”

Kat Stevenson


Kat is an Organisational Psychologist, with a particular interest in leadership, health and well-being, and diversity and inclusion. Since completing her Masters research in conjunction with The 100% Project in 2016 she has been an active member of the Research Committee, and was made Chair in 2020. She joined the Board in 2023.

Kat holds Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Honours and History), Diploma of Modern Languages (French) and Masters of Psychology (Industrial and Organisational) degrees. She currently works as a generalist People & Culture Manager in the sports industry, and she appreciates the collective hold and power that sport has to drive social change,

“Gender equality is not a zero-sum game; it benefits everyone and contributes to the overall well-being and flourishing of society as a whole. We need a world where everyone, regardless of their gender, can thrive, and where all individuals are respected, valued, and given equal opportunities to succeed.”

Ellen Reading


Ellen helps address the underrepresentation of women in positions of leadership and influence in corporate Australia. She drives her employer to act on better balance, what can be done, and how it will be done.

She is passionate about enabling urgent action on gender equality and creating more than a piece of policy. Businesses need our help to create real organisational change, and it will require all employees and stakeholders to participate.

Ellen supports corporate business with strategy execution in dynamic market conditions and industries undergoing structural change. Ellen has a Bachelors of Commerce, a Master of Business Administration, and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.


Michaela Lobb


As a creative solutions specialist with over 14+ years spanning APAC, NYC and London, Michaela works as an advertising and communications leader in Sydney. Her experience and vision for brands helps to drive an agenda for innovation, scalable creative solutions and sustainable growth. Michaela studied with the Queensland University of Technology completing a double degree with Distinction in a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Fashion and Bachelor of Business – Advertising, and is currently undertaking her Juris Doctor in Law with the University of Technology Sydney.

Michaela maintains she is a fierce advocate for equality and believes, “…there is a positive duty to approach gender balance quotas. It’s not only needed across the board, but should be demanded at every level of leadership… By dismantling barriers, driving progress, and increasing advocacy, only then can we truly realise an equitable future.”

John Perez


Over 35 years experience, covering manufacturing, HR and teaching/education, covering FMCG organisations and tertiary education sector.

Most recently worked at the University of Sydney as an academic tutor within the School of Business, tutoring in leadership, strategic HR management, organisational behaviour and risk management. In these roles, John championed diversity and inclusion and creating a culture in which all individuals can flourish and develop,

Prior to that,  30 years working for Lion in various senior HR roles, covering talent management, culture development, leadership, workplace relations and safety and well-being.

John has a Masters of Business Technology and BE (Chem) from UNSW.

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