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Board of directors

Our Board of Directors are supported by an amazing team of volunteers and paid staff.

Jane Hill


  • Brand Strategy​
  • Organisational change​
  • Engaging communication​

"A diverse workplace is about visible and invisible differences where people bring their real self to work. A workplace that encourages different opinions and debates and where people are open to listening and learning from each other and questioning their assumptions and beliefs. A truly meritocratic workplace is one where gender equality exists."

David Turnbull


  • Client relationship
  • Leadership and Executive Coach
  • Career Management

"Are we there yet? Are we at a place where we can all be our true selves? Are we able to feel belonging and togetherness no matter our gender? Are we able to feel safe in voicing our thoughts and ideas about our gender without being stifled and silenced or excluded and discriminated against? Until such time as we can all say ‘yes’ to these, and more, then we all have work to do to ensure we achieve gender equality. If I can add even just a modicum of energy to our work in striving for gender equality, then I feel I will have contributed to the vision and purpose of The 100% Project."

Angela Shi


  • Business strategy
  • Finance and investment
  • Risk and governance

“Developing diverse leadership in gender, ethnicity and background is increasingly recognised as important for organisational governance and improved performance. Having been supporting gender equality in the workplace and promoting initiatives to increase gender balance in the past decade, I am always passionate about reducing the gender gap and creating equal opportunities for both male and female.”

Caroline Rosenberg


  • Organisational psychology
  • Systemic design
  • Applied research

"When we have the courage to bear with the unknowns, have the guts to take on the losses, and the determination to shift the very foundation that we're standing on, then we can start to see the benefits that gender equality brings."

Sheree Andersen


  • Digital Transformation​
  • Learning & Development
  • HR Technology

"Gender equality and women's empowerment in the workplace are issues dear to my heart. I want to help create a world where cultural change supports both men and women to reach their full potential."

Tania Burstin


  • Fundraising
  • Digital
  • Business

"I am passionate about making meaningful change. By empowering, encouraging and motivating workplaces, organisations and individuals with data-driven practical advice and information to enhance gender equity (and all diversity) I believe we can achieve equality for women and all people."

Allan Ball


  • Child & Youth Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Corporate Governance + Stakeholder Engagement

A society that cherishes gender equality creates a strong tapestry of inclusivity, opportunity, and safety for women. The amount of violence and abuse directed towards women, especially workplace disrespect, is strongly related to the existence of social, economic, and cultural imbalances between genders. Women have not been present at decision-making tables and gender gaps exist in leadership positions. Even if not meant or desired, as an Australian Bloke who benefits from gender disparity, I want to be a part of the solution. The time for crawling towards gender equality is over, put on your sneakers and sprint with me.

Dr Ashna Basu


  • Advocacy and communication
  • Governance
  • Community engagement

Everybody deserves the chance to meaningfully engage in work and leadership, regardless of their gender, sexuality or background. Equity is not only essential for individual and societal wellbeing, but diversity is shown to lead to more productive workplaces, with better outcomes.

Dr. Andrea North-Samardzic


  • Applied research
  • Research and collaboration
  • Leadership learning and development

Everyone needs to work together to make gender equality a reality, not just an aspiration, because when there is greater equality across society, everyone benefits. What drives me is using research and evidence to advocate for gender equality, and importantly, move from talk to action. Being able to contribute to The 100% Project means being able to live my personal and professional values.

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Without our volunteers, our organisation would come to a standstill – and so would our cause. We have several committees of volunteers, including Marketing, Research and Events. And we will take whatever time you can give.

Most of our volunteers commit to around 3 or 4 hours a week, and some are more ad-hoc, providing more support around events and less during quieter times. If you’d like to help us achieve our vision, please get in touch!

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