The 100% Project was founded by Frances Feenstra, Fiona Page, Chloe Hawcroft and Jessie Lyons in response to their observations and experiences within Australian organisations.  Having witnessed the relentless and seemingly unchanging barriers faced by women in the workplace, and the lack of results despite all the organisations that work with women to address these issues, they decided to take action and founded The 100% Project.

The 100% Project is focussed on action, not just talk, and will look beyond the female half of the population when addressing inequalities in organisations. We will involve both women and men in finding solutions to remove all gender boundaries experienced across organisations. As men remain the decision makers in most organisations, and their choices are also affected by this inequality, involving them is integral to the implementation of change.

The 100% Project relies on your support to grow  and effect change. To find out how to get involved, click here.