Interview with Rose Herceg, President, WPP (ANZ) – “Breaking Dad” podcast series

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In this episode, our The 100% Project host Jane Hill speaks with Rose Herceg, President of WPP in Australia and New Zealand. WPP is a multinational communications, advertising, public relations and technology, company and the world’s largest advertising company.

As well as a passionate advocate for gender equality and flexible work, Rose recognises the importance of psychological safety in the workplace to nurture and encourage creativity – the lifeblood of WPP.

In this podcast we discuss the recent research from The 100% Project: “Breaking Dad”; which considers the role of psychological safety, especially in the context of men and women taking extended parental leave and the positive impact this has on organisations, families and society.

Despite these benefits, many fathers are still not taking extended parental leave, even when it is available, for fear of the impact it may have on their career. As a result, many women are forced to take a longer career break, impacting their financial and job security. We discuss the importance of role models to encourage behavioural change as well as how the communications industry can also support changing social paradigms.

Listen to the podcast.