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The 100% Project Podcast: A Journey to Equality in the Workplace. In these podcasts, we share stories from inspirational leaders making waves in gender equality across the globe, from CEO’s, entrepreneurs, celebrities and beyond, we will explore what it means to create change in gender equality that is meaningful.

The 100% Project has a vision to see 100% of Australia’s leadership potential, female and male, equally contributing to our social and economic future.  Through our research, we influence workplace cultures and provide solutions for real and sustainable change by educating senior business leaders on the value of gender equity in leadership.

In a “normal” year, we would hold face-to-face gatherings with thought-provoking speakers presenting The 100% Project’s latest research.  In the extraordinary world of COVID-19, we want to continue the conversation virtually.

Tune in to hear business leaders from across the globe talk about their experience with gender equality in the corporate world, women in business, diversity and inclusion in leadership roles, working remotely and how COVID-19 is changing the way we think about equality in the work place.

Will gender equality survive COVID-19?

  • “Whenever there’s a degree of disruption, there’s a degree on unmanaged attrition.” – John Thompson, Partner, Oliver Wyman, New York City
  • “I personally believe that if we had better gender balance at all levels in organisation and at all levels of society, we probably would have a different world.” – Frances Feenstra, Founder of The 100% Project and Director, People Measures, Australia
  • “There’s never been a more important time to have people in your team who feel super engaged, who are willing to go the extra mile in these extraordinary circumstances, and who can solve new problems better.  That all points you to having a diverse workforce.” – Stuart Irvine, CEO, Lion, Australia
  • “When childcare was suspended, females bore the brunt of that in the primary care roles. I think statistically we absolutely need to put issues like that at the centre, and say, “what are we going to do about removing that bias?”  Leveling that playing field more.” – Matthew Gribble, Managing Director, Michael Page Group, Australia
  • “The more we do, the more we normalize it, the more women and young women coming through into different careers, we’ll look at that and say, yes, that is normal. A woman being in charge is normal.” – Christina Tulloch, CEO, Tulloch Wines, Australia

Welcome to The 100% Project’s podcast series.  Enjoy the conversations…