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A letter from the Chair…

We have all been receiving updates from supplier organisations and business contacts detailing how future communication will be handled and what the new business arrangements will be for the next few months.  
Here at The 100% Project, our board has also been looking at ways to stay in touch with our supporters, sponsors and advocates, whilst being mindful that everyday life has changed for now, and priorities re-assessed. We hope that you are keeping safe and well, and working and living within the restrictions as best you can.
In talking with several people and reading many articles, there is a prevailing view that the world will not go back to how it was, and this may be a good thing in some instances. After using technology to communicate, work from home, online learning, videoconferencing, etc., people are likely to think twice about boarding a flight from, say, Sydney to Melbourne to attend a meeting in the future. With declining emissions and closer community connections, the world may find a silver lining from this current tragedy. 
At The 100% Project, we have of course cancelled our proposed research launches and panel events for the foreseeable future. To date, these events have been our main channel for sharing the findings of our gender equality research, and hearing senior leaders discuss how to utilise the data for the benefit of women and men across government departments and corporate Australia. 
We are keen to remain active in sharing our research with you and we are exploring (and learning) how best to communicate with you. Our focus will be on ramping up our Facebook page, producing more regular Blogs, introducing Vlogs, and monthly Newsletters. Although all of our priorities have no doubt been challenged during the past few weeks, I hope you will keep in touch with us by reading our letters/posts and participating in discussions.  
Anecdotally, the COVID-19 restrictions, particularly keeping children at home, and supervising home-schooling, appear to have impacted women more than men according to several online articles. However, we don’t have the facts to show whether this is really the case, and we believe that many men are fully engaged in this altered family life. We would love to hear from you about your family challenges (including extended family and irrespective of whether you have children) and how you are addressing them.  
We need to ensure that an unintended outcome isn’t that we move further away from a world where there is equality of choice and opportunity for women and men.  
We welcome your thoughts, views and opinion, especially if you are willing to write an article to share with our audience.  
With best regards and stay safe, 
Hilary Lamb
Chair, The 100% Project
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