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Congratulations to Tanya Plibersek

On behalf of team at The 100% Project we would like to congratulate Tanya Plibersek on her appointment as the Deputy Opposition Leader.

Chris Blake, Larke Riemer, Minister Plibersek and Frances FeenstraIn the pursuit of fairness and equity, Tanya has worked tirelessly to represent women’s rights on issues such as paid parental leave and fairer rights at work. It was through this work that we at The 100% Project had the fortune of working with Tanya who then, as the Federal Minister for Status of Women, launched our organisation back in 2009.

We welcome Tanya’s election to the role of Deputy Leader as well as the announcement of 11 women to Labor’s frontbench. This is a win for women’s representation and look forward to working with her on future strategy to strengthen the position of women in organisations to improve financial and economic outcomes for Australia.