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Reflections on Level the Playing Field Symposium: a participant

The learning and insight, both personal and professional, continues to flow even in the weeks that have passed since [the Symposium]. This is testament to its reach and influence. The insights will be useful.

I … was particularly excited by your innovative work on men and flexibility….

I share your vision for an inclusive approach to gender equality. For too long business, researchers and employers have considered this “women’s business”. The time has come to broaden our understanding. Examining the thoughts and contributions of men as key informants and stakeholders to full participation is essential.

The 100% Project provides an important source of relevant, contemporary information for organisations and individuals. I plan to sign up as a volunteer in 2014. To [use] a phrase from Marty [Linsky], this should help move me from “clapping on the sidelines” to being in the arena.

Samone McCurdy
Department of Social Work
Monash University

Participant at the Level the Playing Field Symposium