Diversity of Thought Blog

Welcome Jane Hill to The 100% Project

As a passionate advocate for all forms of diversity, I’m honoured and excited to join the Board of The 100% Project whose purpose is to promote equality of choice and opportunity for women and men. To quote Winston Churchill, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. As businesses reset their strategies in the wake of Covid-19, I encourage you to champion gender equality and ensure your business has diversity targets hardwired into its goals. Over the last month, lots of fathers / secondary carers have been more active in sharing care and home duties with their partners. Let’s continue this post Covid-19 by ensuring your company’s parental leave policy includes secondary carers and flexible work is the norm. Does your business strategy include a timeframe to achieve a 50:50 gender split across your workforce and are you maximising diversity in all its forms – gender, cultural, age, experience etc?

The evidence is clear. If you want your business to come back strongly on the other side of Covid-19, ensure your workforce is leveraging 100% of the population.